Our annual turnover is about $1,000,000. Our mission is to provide high caliber, CERTIFIED crews, independent contractors and or personnel for all your telecommunication needs.


The 5 Stems LLC recognizes that its employees are its most important asset. Qualified personnel must be attracted and retained in order for the Telecommunication industry to be able to fulfill its mission to improve infrastructure, provide world class mobile and data services and to meet its objectives. Consistent with this philosophy, the following principles 5 Stems LLC have been implemented to ensure that proposed markets of will promptly receive the improvement in call and data service that it deserves.


Employment by 5 Stems LLC shall be a two-way agreement, with a mutual understanding of expectations and how performance will be measured, recognized and rewarded. Conditions of employment will be based on the mutual needs of its customer, making accommodations where possible. Compliance with established policies will be expected. Variations in the way compensation are administered will be allowed where appropriate to accommodate specific circumstances of different division or locations.