The 5 Stems LLC will maintain staffing levels that are based on the objective, priorities and scope of its vendor that result in reasonable workloads and an adequate workforce. The 5 Stems LLC team will recruit qualified personnel from within and outside of the 5 Stems LLC’s teams in accordance with personnel requirement. Applicants will be selected and place based on their qualification in a manner that is consistent with OSHA standards. An initiative to recruit military veterans, firefighters and college graduates will be our mainstay. This initiative has already been deployed within our management to ensure well rounded, civil and responsible employees.


The 5 Stems LLC will provide training and other developmental opportunities that ensure employees are exceedingly and proficiently trained as a result providing a vendor with the maximum return in investment in its procured workforce. Training and certifications will be established and maintained. These programs will provide employees adequate growth opportunities and allow the 5 Stems LLC to ensure there is an adequate supply of qualified personnel. Adequate and timely job specific training will be provided to ensure employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their jobs and to meet performance expectations


The 5 Stems LLC will compensate employees based on the jobs they hold, for their mastery of the skills required for the job and for their performance. Pay opportunity for each job will be based on its internal value relative to other jobs, on the pay levels prevailing in the appropriate labor markets for jobs with similar responsibilities and qualifications, and on the 5 Stem's economic resources. Employee pay will be administered within established pay ranges using formal policies and procedures and in a manner that results in competitive and equitable rates. Programs will be communicated to management and employees in a manner that results in mutual understanding of the policies, methods and processes used to set and administer pay rates. Compliance with policies shall be monitored and program effectiveness will be evaluated on a regular basis. Programs will be administered in a fiscally responsible manner, ensuring that commitments and expenditures are affordable. Appropriate revisions to policies and programs will be made as economic realities and priorities change.

We are looking forward to quickly building a network for your customers safely with qualified and efficient tower workforce while giving the tower community an opportunity to advance.